Welcome to BSL SignBank

We invite you all to explore SignBank and the visual language that is British Sign Language (BSL), the language of the Deaf Community in the United Kingdom.

Mobile version

On the go? Check out the mobile version of this site! Simply go to bslsignbank.ucl.ac.uk on your phone's browser and bookmark it. 

Improving SignBank

BSL is growing and changing all the time so SignBank is an evolving resource.

Do you use BSL? Are you a Deaf person, interpreter, student of BSL or the relative of a Deaf adult or child? We need your suggestions - help us build Signbank! We also need to know about your experience in using Signbank - please fill in our BSL Corpus/Signbank user survey! Your feedback will help us maintain and improve Signbank (and the BSL Corpus), and importantly will help us keep access to both of them FREE.